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The way people are entertained, learn and work has changed.
Crafting technology is more than coding, it’s about creating an exceptional user experience. This is typified in mixed reality solutions.

New advances in mixed reality – powered by IoT and wearable/mobile devices - have blurred the lines between people and technology, the real world and the digital.

So, What is Mixed Reality?

Mixed Reality is media experiences and software solutions that incorporate a combination of Augmented Reality (AR) and/or Virtual Reality (VR).

They typically run on a mobile or wearable devices such as the Oculus Rift, Google Glass, or Microsoft HoloLens. However, they can also run on interactive touchscreens or through projection screens and motion capture devices.

Virtual Reality(VR)

Immerses users in a virtual world with specialized displays, interfaces and haptic feedback devices

Augmented Reality(AR)

Overlays data, controls & 3D objects on the real world with mobile or wearible devices.

How Can Mixed Reality be Used?


  • Simulations
  • Instructional AR Overlays
  • Serious Gamifications
  • Active Training Delivery


  • Virtual Shopping/Evaluation
  • Print/Packaging Enhancement
  • Virtual Signage/Displays
  • Tradeshow Experiences


  • Virtual Interactive Tours
  • 360 VR Movies/Videos
  • Gaming
  • Informational Overlays


  • Wayfinding/Objectfinding
  • Procedures/Checklists
  • Hands-Free HUDs
  • Safety/Security

Why use
Mixed Reality?

Create dynamic storytelling
for dynamic content.

Platforms + Devices
Delivery Methods

End to End Support


Fuel.Tech partners with you toidentify the ideal application, then optimizes it for your specific target audience and presentation platform.

Hardware + Custom
Integrated Solutions

We design and engineer complete solutions leveraging the latest and best hardware, software–integrating with your IT ecosystem.

Installation +
Product Training

Our skilled professionals not only personally ensure that your experience is appropriately deployed,we also work directly with you to show you how to maximize its advantages.

Support + Analytics

We continue collaborating with you even after installation, with live support and around-the-clockremote monitoring, user input capture, analytics tracking, and content management andupdates.

Let’s work together.

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