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It’s challenging to make an impact in today’s tradeshow and exhibition environment. Visitor engagement and retention is critical, and marketing information must be both adaptable and updatable. FuelTOUCH allows your message and presentation to evolve, while compellingly attracting potential customers with engaging 3D interaction and information presentation. FuelTOUCH is an experience that you and your prospects will never forget, when your products and services are placed directly in their hands and brought to life in full scale Mixed Reality solutions such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.


  • Any Size Touch Screen
  • Simultaneous multi-user experience
  • Immersive 3D interactive experience
  • Mobile Phone and Tablet deployment
  • Multi Media Library
  • Augmented Reality Application
  • Virtual Reality Walkthrough
  • Content Management System
  • CRM Software Integration


  • Attract foot traffic and engage users through interactive experience
  • Quickly update your marketing collateral without expensive 3rd party involvement
  • Modernize your brand through various touchscreen templates
  • Help your sales team and clients discover the right solution for their challenges
Scalable Touchscreens

FuelTOUCH applications scale to dimensions that are larger than life or they can fit into the palm of your hand. This agility gives your team the perfect sales tool no matter where they are presenting.

Content Management System

Keep your materials current through our proprietary Content Management System, updating embedded videos, text and documents.

Mobile Sales App

Only FuelFX extends your tradeshow touchscreen application into a high-end digital sales app that extends your 3D presentation off of the tradeshow floor and into the hands of your sales people.

Optional Advanced Features

Sales Qualification & Discovery Tools

Automatically query key identifiers that can both target prospective customers with more relevant content, and convert leads into actual sales.

Custom Calculators & Visualizations

Employ formulas and automatic tabulations to determine industry metrics and return on investment, and demonstrate potential value to prospects with real figures.

Other Custom Experiences

Defined by the operational needs or marketing strategy of your organization, equipping you with a tradeshow promotional tool that is uniquely your own.

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