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An integrated set of tools includes:

  • Intuitive CMS templates to upload training and products
  • A social platform for employees to communicate across the organization
  • A cultural currency system that rewards training and collaboration
  • An in-depth analytics tool that tracks performance and cultural contribution
  • Unique profile access controls

Enjoy the advantages of:

  • A convenient, intuitive mobile and desktop application
  • More connected and collaborative employees, who invest in a brand in which they believe
  • Increase potential through improved team morale and motivation
  • A fully engaged workforce, with improved knowledge and training retention
  • Real-time collaboration analytics at your fingertips

Translate engagement and culture into quantifiable ROI by:

  • Increasing retention and decreasing turnover by 25%
  • Reducing safety incidents by 48% and quality defects by 41%
  • Improving customer ratings by 10% with collaborative employees
  • Improving employee performance by 21% and growing profitability by 22%
  • Outperforming competitors by 202% with engaged employees


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